Honda NC 750 S, More Powerful

The economic and utility roadster Honda had hit the headlines with its original position that focused more on practical aspects and approval on pure performance. In 2014, the NC 700 S cede its place to NC 750 S will win 75 cm3 and a few horses at the same time.

Made in Japan, NC 700 S had much talked about it in 2012: a roadster 670 cm3 which merely 47.6 horses, with a helmet compartment, a dual clutch transmission as an option, designed on the logical platform to generate a scooter (the Integra NC 700 D) … That was surprising regulars roadster Honda CB600F Hornet way! But last surprise, NC 700 S has attracted a new customer or could not find his account in the current motorcycles, sometimes unnecessarily too powerful.

75 cm3, a second balancer shaft, DCT mapping unprecedented

The arrival of the platform CB500 (CB500F, CBR500R, CB500X) perfectly adapted to the requirements of the new European junior A2 license logically caused confusion in the Honda range. The CB500F NC700S and found themselves in direct competition to the point that we decided to confront them in a comparative. The CB500F constituting a fun offer utility NC 700 S. Also, Honda has been trying to upgrade its range NC, which is why engineers have made progress.Honda-NC750-S

Thus, in 2014, the Honda NC 750 S wins 75 cm3 via increased by 4 mm bore. It thus sees its power increase to 54.8 horsepower, and torque to 68 Nm at identical to those of the NC 700 S. schemes Honda announced to us: this engine has a great room for improvement. Another development, the parallel twin strongly tilted forward, receives a second balance shaft to reduce vibration even more. The exhaust has been redesigned to provide greater acoustic pleasure while the ratio has been increased by 6%.

DCT release sees its mapping revised accordingly. Downshifts in D or S (two fully automatic) mode, are advertised as natural as they will add more engine braking, while the gearshift is softer. A development that probably comes from a user feedback customers. The chassis had to give full satisfaction, and we understand, since there is Honda made no changes. Stable side in all circumstances, should always be at the rendezvous.


A NC 750 S most successful

Always with a helmet compartment, now ABS braking as standard with a key code, Honda NC 750 S receives a more advanced instrumentation with an on board computer calculates the average or instantaneous consumption, an indicator of gear engaged, even on version with manual gearbox. Slightly more powerful, torquey, perhaps louder, NC 750 S – DCT format or mechanics – should be more lively and efficient driving. That’s what the revitalizing face a more aggressive competition, but less practical anyway. Remains to know the price of this development, which should then really come off the price of the Honda CB 500 F sold € 5,590.

Honda NC 750 S in detail

– Engine evolution, 75 cm3, 745 cm3 with
– more power (54.8 hp), more torque (68 Nm)
– gearbox still available
– Version 35 Special DCT kw A2 license still available for certain countries
– developments the exhaust louder
– new mapping DCT Version
– fuller instrumentation
– unchanged chassis