Honda CBR 650 F, To Start in Sport

Honda CBR 650 F: Honda sees the revival of its CB 650 F for the decline in sport version with the CBR 650 F. Dynamic sleek motorcycle, but probably quite manageable by many. Developed to make available in A2 …

Honda has the sequence of ideas, and proves it with this new CBR 650 F, which contains the recipe for CBR 600 F. This soft sport is derived from the new CB 650 F. We thus find a new engine four cylinder in-line engine in a desired average agile chassis and reassuring. The sport trim the rest.
CB CBR 650 F and 650 F therefore share the same technical basis. For the engine, it is indeed a brand new inline four-cylinder 645 cm3 designed to adapt to a wide clientele bikers and biker beginners with the A2 version of flanged to 35 kilowatts (47.6 hp) and more experienced pilots with the normal version developing 87 horsepower. 
This engine is advertised as very flexible and available at low and midrange, with strong acceleration and very pleasant occasions beyond 6000 r / min. Consumption has been minimized, because this engine is also intended economical to use.


Honda CBR 650 F: accessible sports

The chassis has been designed with the same goal of versatility. The steel frame double spar is advertised as relatively soft to absorb the shock better while the aluminum swingarm and wheels light alloy arms are very athletic type, which provide optimum torsional rigidity.
Ergonomics also falls into this register, with a very relaxed position for a sports bike and the opportunity to practice the duo more than pure sports replicas. Braking is entrusted to three discs, and ABS is standard.
With 810 mm seat height and 211 kg in running order, the new Honda CBR 650 F should apply to all templates. Its price, the height of the Honda policy implemented lately about the medium displacement, should be attractive and certainly lower than its predecessor CBR 600 F sold at an average price of € 9,000.


Honda CBR 650 F in detail

– Sport declined BC 650 F
– new engine, 4 cylinders in line, 645 cm3
– is version A2 (47.6 hp) or normal (87 hp) at 11,000 rev / min
– torque: 63 Nm 8000 rev / min
– steel frame type diamond
– aluminum swingarm
alloy wheels –
– three brake discs, ABS series
– 17.3 liters tank
– announced consumption: 4.76 l/100
– height seat: 810 mm
– Weight: 211 kg in running order