BMW R1200GS Adventure LC

BMW will offer a new version of its impressive 2014 GS Adventure. After the R1200GS, completely redesigned last year, it was the turn of his adventurer declination to receive the new air-cooled and water-twin. BMW R1200GS Adventure 2014 the opportunity to receive all the necessary long walks off bitumen facilities.

In 2013, BMW has created the event on the wholesale market road trail renewing its iconic R1200GS. Review thoroughly the indéboulonable reference category awards include the latest version of the flat-twin house, which neglects the mixed cooling air / oil for the benefit of the combination of a semi-liquid cooling. It did not take long course to see bloom on the Net first shots “stolen” from the Adventure version which was officially unveiled today.

BMW R1200GS Adventure 2014 A thick holding adventurer

By discovering these first official pictures of the BMW R1200GS Adventure LC, one is struck by the overall volume of the beast. The front part of the fairing has been modified to improve the protection … in the broadest sense of the word! The new high bubble and deflectors house the pilot tanfis elements that side protection tubes and shoe obviate the vagaries of terrain.
Moreover, the aluminum tank (to reduce overweight) sees its capacity increased to 30 liters, against 20 of the “standard” GS to increase autonomy. In fact, the Adventure is impasting irretrievably, which confirms the weight announced, with 260 kg (with 90% of the full fuel), she accuses 22 kg more than the standard version, but would be 3 pounds lighter than the Adventure 2013. As a reminder, we weighed the R1200GS 2013 to 247.2 pounds fully fueled.BMW_R1200GS_Adventure_2014
recognize, however, that all variations of this family adventurer motorcycle always gain weight, but BMW has pushed far enough concept. However, fans of this alternative – and there are many as evidenced by the dedicated maxitest – will be pleased to see the new BMW R1200 GS Adventure rest typed while some were rumors of a more consensual style.

A face softened engine tracks

But BMW does not simply redesign and equip his BMW R 1200 GS: The Adventure has benefited from several technical improvements, starting with a heavier flywheel 950 grams. This is to soften the engine when off-road escapades. It is true that the flat-twin air-cooled and water is very keen to throttle and make it more docile should not soften provided.BMW-R1200GS-wallpaper
BMW also mentions the arrival of an additional vibration damper the driveline. That should eliminate some unwanted vibrations, annoying long haul. However, the overall engine performance should change little, since the values ​​of power and torque remain unchanged. 125 horsepower and 12.5 DaN.m torque free version
Standard, the BMW R1200GS Adventure 2014 receives the ABS and ASC traction control, as well as two engine maps (Rain and Road). The Pro option provides access to three additional modes (Dynamic, Enduro, Enduro Pro), which are changing the audience ABS and ASC to ASC and ABS Enduro Enduro.
This option requires the installation of a plug Encoder on the housing of the bike and a small computer last day. The BMW R 1200 GS Adventure then adapts its electronic finer requirements of terrain. The electronic suspension support semiactive Dynamic ESA is also an option.

An elevated chassis for crossing

BMW has also worked on the chassis of his big road trail. The implementation of the oscillating shaft drive incorporating arm, has been revised to adapt to changes in the chassis.
Suspensions enjoy more travel, with 20 millimeters wider at the front and rear . The Telelever Adventure of release therefore provides 210 mm of travel while the damper 220 mm Sachs passes. What gain flexibility and damping on the rocky tracks.
‘s ground clearance to gain advantage in passing 10 mm to be valuable in the ruts. However, this general elevation also pays the seat height … adjusted in two positions from 890 to 910 mm! The average templates will go their way or find a low seat option.


A basis for the raid equip

Available in three colors (olive, blue or white) BMW R1200GS Adventure 2014 comes standard with a few typed accessories terrain as reinforcements dressing, footrest or Enduro orders with adjustable feet. However, many users will pick the long list of options to change the BMW R 1200 GS ADV to their liking.
daytime LED Lighting, Pro-board computer, heated grips, check tire pressure, cruise speed, navigation system with compass Pro, additional LED lights … Here are many options that BMW can provide on demand, individually or as packs.
Sold € 16,250 by the end of his career in air and oil version of the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure 2014 will inevitably its tariff revised upwards. We will keep you informed, stay tuned!