2014 BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive Report

2014 BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive Report: The new BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive will fill the top of the range BMW K 1600 to 2014. With the development of various accessories, the K 1600 GTL Exclusive should pamper occupants and more especially the passenger.
2014 BMW K 1600 GTL

BMW K 1600 range has a rich enough. The K 1600 GT is a very comfortable GT for driver and passenger, but his philosophy is quite sporty, between his fiery six-cylinder engine line 160 horses free version and agility devilish look in his space. The K 1600 GTL is more for fans of tourism, with its more plush lining (fairing, passenger backrest with top box.) 
For 2014, BMW has more treat the occupants of the K 1600 GTL with this new version called Exclusive. Here, it is the passenger who inherits the best of developments with a revised seat, fitted with armrests, a larger seat and a heated backrest. Everything to spend the winter in comfort! And what catch the Honda GL 1800 Goldwing on the crucial question of the reception of the passenger? Maybe, but the GL 1800 showed its supremacy on this point in an exclusive Moto-Station game.
BMW K 1600 GTL

BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive with passenger backrest heating

Apart from that, the big German GT evolves in detail. The dashboard inherits new features and a skin topped with chrome. Luggage and top box receive Keyless Ride, which locks from the start for security. The radio antenna evolves and becomes flatter to improve the overall look of the bike. The daylight adopts LED. Painting 4 layers has a high quality finish. The driver may relieve manipulations the ignition key with the hand free kit.
Finally, if all the mechanics remain unchanged, the BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive receives assistance Hill Start Control. This driver assistance, which will be available on the new BMW R 1200 RT facilitates hill starts acting on the rear brake under certain conditions. At the moment, we do not know the availability and price of the new K 1600 GTL Exclusive, but it should logically be above the K 1600 GTL sold from € 23,300.